If you want to use essential oils to boost your immunity, then you need to get started. Unless you have been doing it for some time, you will still be susceptible to illness. The good news is that you can use essential oils to fight those infections, too. It’s not too late to boost your immunity.
It’s important to note, just because you use essential oils to boost your immunity does not mean you won’t get sick. However, you may notice that your illnesses have a shorter run time than your friends. You may also notice that your illness is not as severe as others have experienced. This is all to do with having a strong immune system that is ready to do battle at the drop of a germ.
This isn’t something you need to do for hours a day. Just add your favorite blend to your diffuser each day and let it do the rest. By keeping your air quality high, and choosing a blend that supports immune health, you are helping keep bacteria at bay. When you do experience symptoms of an illness or ailment, you can opt for the direct inhalation route to support your health.
Essential oils alone are not enough to save you from illness. It’s vital that your essential oil use is accompanied by a good night’s sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.
It’s a complementary therapy that must be supported by good overall health. A poor sleeping pattern leaves you open for stress, which is one of the biggest enemies to your immune system.
So, do yourself a favor by using essential oils properly. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most effective essential oils for fighting infections and boosting immunity.

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